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Game Build: 1263 Thu 10/05/2017 14:24:56.46

Erase Car PhaserJS Mini Dev Log

Date The Thing I Worked On
10/5/2017 2:26pm PST Playing with the screen size for the game. Increaed it back to 1024x768 but I think I'll try 512x384 for better performance on mobile. 1024x768 works great on desktop.
9/26/2017 11:20pm PST REMOVED keyboard control. It sucked.
When the game is done this will not be playable on the desktop and desktop play will be removed. Desktop play is here only for testing. This game was made for mobile and will stay mobile.
9/26/2017 11:20pm PST Improved the hell out of the keyboard control of the car. Simple control mechanic but it's all it really needs.
9/15/2017 8:30pm PST Added keyboard control to the desktop version of the game. Use the arrow keys. Left Á Right to turn. Up Á down to move forward and back.
Made the car in a littel 3D-ish by adding child layers.
Removed mouse control from game.
9/11/2017 3:05pm PST Started to add the doodles and drawing their shadows.
Added paper background for the first level as a test.
Added callibrate button
Following the mouse is painfully slow right now. This is only for testing. Mouse control might be removed and in it's place I'll put keyboard and/or gamepad control.
9/07/2017 1:31pm PST Recovering form a weird Visual Studio crash that caused the complier to not work. Finally fixed this morning.
Starting to add mouse control to the game. Start by simply point to the mouse cursor. Then when thats done Slerp to the new angle like the tilt control.
9/04/2017 12:01pm PST Fixing ftp uploading issues.
9/02/2017 12:21pm PST Fixing leaderboard size issue.
Fixing placement of help and audio buttons.
** Starting to make improvments to Android speed.

** Just got a Samsung Galaxy S7 to test with. Chrome performance is surprisingly bad compared to running on iOS. By what I can tell, Phaser doesn't automatically default to WEBGL on Phaser.AUTO. I must use Phaser.WEBGL
9/01/2017 5:21pm PST Speed speed speed. Lots of speed improvments on iOS
9/01/2017 11:27am PST Decided to try and build this game 340x256 then scale up to test performance. The builds will look really weird for awhile.
8/30/2017 11:09am PST Starting to add main menu scene using old assets
8/29/2017 11:01am PST Made the accelerometer pause when pause is tapped.
Fixed issue where the game would not load on the domain without 'www'
8/28/2017 7:05pm PST Made it so the accelerometer works correctly if the orientation of the screen changes.
8/28/2017 2:45pm PST Building a accelerometer Slerp method for HTML5. This is the prototype phase.
Porting old Cocoa code to HTML5 and TypeScript to port orver my game Erase Car so I can update on the app store and bring to other platforms.