About Retrostalgic

Retrostalgic was created in Nov 2015 where I had the idea to move all my development over to JavaScript. I've spent a year (on and off) prototyping and testing by converting Cocoa and Swift apps over to JavaScript using TypeScript as the compiler and language of choice.


This site will be an online development journal on my journey to make 100 games. Each game will be developed and broadcasted live on  Viewers can also test the game that I'm working on by visiting the Work In Progress Page. When each game is complete it will be available to play on this site.  I will also try release the games on iOS, Android and Windows as native applications.


This site is my main source of income.  I will be working on it full time.  All monies generated by this site and games will go towards paying for my 2 kids education, rent and back into this project.


If you would like to collaborate with me on any of these game projects please feel free to contact me at

About Mark Andrade

I've been a game developer for nearly 25 years. I specialize in small quick to play mini games.

I've helped launch Disney's Daily Blast by creating launch titles and nearly one hundred games in total during my time there. I've also had the privilege to design and create games for Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, and various other large brands.

For the past eight years I've been independently publishing my own games for iOS and had a few successful releases that made the top 100; Fish Food Frenzy (over 9 million downloads), Cowabunga, Aerolite, Soccer Kickoff and Poker Solitaire Free.

I'm always available for freelance game programming work.

Please feel free to contact me at